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August 2021

The CBSL tightened its monetary policy stance on 19th August by 50 bps becoming the first central bank in the region to do so. The press ...

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July 2021

Call and repo rates climbed ~19 bps converging on 3M T-bill yield as excess liquidity in the money markets continued to dry up during ...

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June 2021

Driven by the uncertainty of the third wave of the pandemic, call and repo rates rose up over 20 bps during the course of the month amid tightening ...

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May 2021

Excess money market liquidity gradually declined from ~LKR 150 to 115 a day. During this time, the CBSL reduced its treasury holdings by ...

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April 2021

Decline in the excess money market liquidity continued onto mid-April with a short-lived liquidity spike in between driving the call and repo ...

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